Ultrasonic Dopplers

Model: ES-100V3

  • Bi-directional doppler with LCD display and smart microprocessor
  • Display real time 30 waveform memory and numerical data
  • Computer interface
  • Small-sized PPG probe action
  • Fetal heart rate
  • Detects penile and digit systolic pressures

Model: ES-101EX

  • Hand-held fetal  doppler with LCD screen
  • Displays heart rate
  • One-handed operation
  • Pulse controlled depth for clear sounds
  • Safe and effective low-intensity beam
  • Convenient detection of fetal sounds

Model: SMARTDOP-45  NEW 

  • Bi-directional doppler with waveform display and printer
  • Comes with 2 probe connectors
  • Provides bi-directional velocity waveform and numerical data
  • 30 waveform memory storage
  • Fetal heart rate monitoring waveform when used with 2 MHz


  • Bi-directional doppler with built-in cuff inflator
  • ABI/TBI studies
  • 30 waveform memory and USB port for Smart-V-Link
  • 2 probe connection available
  • Optional PPG and Pneumonia probes